And so it begins… space dust.

My first ever ever blog post will be about well, how I actually got off my lazy ass and decided to start this blog.

As I mentioned in my profile, it occurred from a Trifecta of events intertwining that makes everyone laugh. Whether at or with me still remains to be seen.

The Trifecta of events;

1. As you may or may not know, I’m guessing not, my main passion and occupation (from time to time) is a freelance Actor. No not Actor/Model, cause the “freelance model” title has been absolutely raped and pillaged by anyone who takes a picture behind a nice background (sometime not even) and Jack Neo. I would like to state for a fact that actors earn much less than models, thank you.

I recently completed a project in which a boyband lovingly sponsored by PayPal to promote secure internet transactions. Personally, I get everything I need from nearby Thomson Plaza where a Auntie there calls me “little handsome face” in Chinese. Sometimes I go see her just to brighten my day. Safe to say, the project has launched and looks promising  (Hur Hur did you get the puns ya?) I’m the dashing, short bulky one.

How this project worked is we made video blog replies to popular bloggers to garner attention. One such Blogger was Niki Cheong. Nice guy.

It was about his blog post on him being invited to New York Stunt School, lucky bastard, to blog about his experience with other winners from Asia who won via a competition in Hotmail, which was lovingly sponsored by Microsoft.

Well he responded. So that was a win for the campaign.

2. I was sitting in the office doing nothing, which I do a lot. (I will inform you one day on what my exact office job is when I find out for myself.) When checking my Hotmail, a certain X-Men competition started to expand and take over my browser. I did what anyone of my vast computer knowledge would do; Panic and run to the the toilet. After 20 mins, I came back and actually read that it was a competition and the question was, “In 2o words or less, tell us why you deserve to win this X-men competition.”

I would like like to state for the record that besides TOTO every CNY I never compete in any type of competition. But I have been reading X-men since I was old enough to rummage through my big brother’s collection and now I read whatever is on offer at Thomson Plaza’s closing down magazine sale which happens every other month. So instinct took over and I typed, “My Mutant power is foresight, I already know I won, so stop wasting time and give me the prize please.” 2o words biatch! Then I forgot about it and proceeded to my Lunch break cause I was hungry.

About a week later I get a call from a sweetie pie from Microsoft, known as Amy, who claims I am the sole winner from Singapore who won the GRAND PRIZE to New York for X-men Stunt School! In which I promptly replied, “Larry? If this is you I’m going to punch your face or butt, depending how you are facing.” So after a long exchange of confusion and uncalled-for swearing, I realized that I had won the trip of a lifetime baby!

3. Only on Flight day when I realized a Niki Cheong was transiting from Malaysia with us was when it hit my feeble brain, “wait, that name sounds familiar, I have the urge to panic and go to the toilet.” What up! Sugar Butts! Talk about coincidence and small world and what not.  Niki is on far left, I’m on far right. The pretty lady is a blogger from Thailand, Pinny. is at the back.

Us at times square. Ok can’t really see its times square but I PROMISE you it is. hur hur I gone done it again.

Alright, is that enough to make me start a blog? No, not really, Part 3 has a Part 2. Mindfreak

3. Part 2

Okay, so after Niki got over the shock that a web-based boy band character came to life and asked him for a dollar at Changi airport (I sometimes asks people whom I have not met for a dollar to see if their generous, as well as I like to buy water.) I talked to him about the project and blah blah blah, and found out he is a social networking maestro himself and he told me a blog is the way to go, especially in my line. Not the random office job, but the acting thing.

I will have a separate blog post on my New York experience with the stunt school and sights and sounds. But basically I met the Blogger representative from Singapore, Nicole Chen.

Okay this is where I had trouble with my first-ever blog post. I want to come across as so many things, yet not. I want to describe Nicole Chen honestly, but yet not suck up cause I hate suck-ups, fairly but yet not come across as I’m in frackking awe of this young lady. And believe me the magic toaster and microwave oven had to move over to make space for her.

At First when I researched this Nicole Chen, I was like “hokay, someones a Model/Actress/Celebrity/DJ.” Bracing myself for a shitstorm of Diva when I finally met her, being an unknown actor/office street fighter. Only to be invited the night before by her, to a Club called HIRO, where she already had a spinning gig. I mean in New York? Are you kidding me? Shit club or what?

She met me and was as nice as anyone could be but I held of my asking for a dollar on account she was getting me into a club. The club was rocking, it was packed. Her friends were generous and nice, and her set? Her set rocked and I don’t exactly like, I dunno that type of music. My knowledge of that is like “hmmm yeah I like the progressive then built up to the breakdown then mash up stuff man. ” Which I must have heard from someone with two light sticks asking me if I had something called a smacky once.

Needless to say my next few days of hanging out with her I learned more about social media, ambition, talent and drive then anyone I have ever remembered. And this chick is younger than me. WTF right. She studied music and is currently doing a course in music production in New York, getting gigs intermittently, a HTC ambassador, touring the damn world.  Yet, not an asshole. From talking about rubbish, acting the fool and giving me pointers, I then realised what I had done might be synonymous to a “very Singaporean Thing” to do. I critique it on stomp and I discourage it whenever I see it happening, I judged this book by its cover. And other than stamp my foot and not admit my mistake, I hope to learn from it, so here is my blog peeps.

P.S. Nicole agrees the internet is magic but stopped paying attention to me when I talked about space dust. Y’all wait and see.

About cluelessintellectual

Actor, Host, Voice over artiste. Exercise and sports Enthusiast. Blogger and reviewer in desperate training. This is a blog about about nothing and everything, but mostly nothing. However, if I wanted to classify it, it would be a techie blog for people like me, who still think wifi and the internet operate on magic and space dust. A lifestyle blog of the "I spent my money on food and dance classes"and "Hey I'm on TV once in a while too"" group which seems to consist of me and Hossan Leong at the moment. The reason for this blog is that I have sen the power of social media though a trifecta of events (See 1st blog post) :) So the randomness of life exploded on my face like beer on my face on a Friday. (I sometimes get too excited before I open a can of beer cause my week was too awesome/sucky/hohum) So lets see how this social experiment goes as I attempt to tell you how my veiws on issues are so important, I must share them with the WORLDDDDD!!!!!!! Spacedust, Its a real thing ok.
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One Response to And so it begins… space dust.

  1. Niki Cheong says:

    You won a trip to New York? Lucky bastard. :P

    Welcome to the blogosphere man! :D Now, catch up! haha

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