My Great New York Experience Part 2

Upon landing this huge possibly Greek or middle-eastern driver came to pick us up and put us in a large black American kidnapping Van to the Sofitel hotel. I recall him asking Tamara “What are you all here for?” Where Tamara told him about the X-men stunt school competition and how bloggers and winners from south-east Asia where being flown over for the experience. Then I remember him asking “Okay…. So what are you all really here for?” I remember that put a smile on my face before I drifted of to sleep. (It did come across my mind that the whole thing may have been a ploy to capture us and harvest our organs by Microsoft but then I took my anxiety medication and calmed the frack down in time.)

"Welcome to my parlor..."

I awoke to the busy streets of New York and to this grand sight of a hotel, the Sofitel. 4 star baby! Not like the trash I’m use to staying in, shared with another loser I might add. (No way they were going to spend so much money for my trashy organs!)

Sure beats the usual hotel 81

I’m used to like 2 and a half, 3 star hotels at best, so this was quite unnerving to me. Lucky the toilet was awesome so if I started to panic I had a great place to calm down. Check it.

Can't wait to throw up here!

Can't wait to fall asleep here!

Oh yeah and the bed was  ridiculously comfortable, for the little rest I got, it was great.

Enchanting no?

Okay now I should be honest and sign myself up for photography class or something. Cause I stole all this from Georgina’s album as I realized my photos made the hotel look like a 2 star hotel. Wait… Maybe I’m the problem all along…

Yup, this was like after a few minutes of unpacking.


This is just plain embarrassing

Just when I thought I had a half-decent picture. My underwear snuck in! Must have been taking this pic commando then.

After admiring and leaving my mark on the once proud and beautiful room, the group met in the lobby again as Georgina insisted we try the nearby “Shake Shack” for lunch. Now I don’t usually eat junk or junkish food (unless I’m drunk) but what the hey, I was on holiday.

Shake and bake!

tastes as good as it looks. unless it looks bad to you. As in its good. Okay.

yup i didnt take any of the pictures. I owe geogina about 5 dollars by my count now.

And boy the burgers were killer good, savory and just hits your mouth the right way when you bite into it.(There is a sex joke somewhere here but I’m too tired to find it.) Needless to say everyone enjoyed it. Even…golf.

Since everyone had different plans to run about New York, we split up from Shake Shack into smaller groups. Niki asked if I wanted to catch a play  in his polite-full way and I couldn’t resist. Pinny and golf came along as well but I believe they wanted to watch phantom of the opera. I feared for Pinny’s safety but got distracted by the sights and sounds of times square.

Its all real! 30 rock doesn't lie!

Broadway baby!

So we lined up at this area where you could tickets to Broadway and off-Broadway shows at like 50 % off, Niki knew where it was since he had done this before. Ticketmasters or something. Details, bah. Niki and I eventually agreed on Billy Elliot that evening.

Us in the line! HA! No golf! Surprise Surprise! Wait...did he take this picture? You win this round Golf.

Okay, WOW. For those of you who have watched the movie, it doesn’t even come close to measuring up and trust me, I hate those people who say “the play is far betta.”Or “It didn’t do the book/play justice.” But WOW. Speechless. The cast was insane and top of the line, and the boy playing Billy Elliot was so talented and well trained I had thoughts that the rehearsals for him must border on child abuse.

It was phenomenal, I was in awe and even teared at one point, that’s what Broadway is about I guess, pure perfection on stage.

Quality stuff people

After the play, took a walk back to the hotel to get ready for Nicole Chen’s set at HIRO. Check out New York at night. Same same but different.

Im sure a cool vampire is gonna come up and rape me. Anytime now...

Met up with the enchanting Nicole Chen and My buddy Mark for her set at the super club HIRO. A popular night club especially with the Asian community.

I didnt take this photo. In fact I hope Nicole is cool with me using it. But I like to live on the edge. Huzzah!

Clubbing is kinda different in New York. Or at least where we went. They reserve the right to refuse you and boy do they use it. Almost couldn’t get in cause they didn’t like Marks shoes but then i realized they all were wearing similar sneakers. They let him in after they realized we were with the guest DJ. What up, sugar butt.

I must have been shitfaced cause I remember the club looked nothing like this.

So we had a glorious table at the members section where everyone looked like those good looking Asians from TV. Nicole’s set was amazing, she totally rocked the place down. But I had ALOT of her alcohol. Felt bad and Mark and I shared to buy another bottle which sealed the night for me. Take a listen to Nicole’s music here

Here’s a picture I TOOK of me and mark when we got back to the hotel. For your viewing pleasure, two people, from different countries, leaving different lives. One thing in common, we like to get fudd up!

Wait, is this your floor or mine? Lucky its a queen size. Space dust biatches!

End of part 2!

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    Get back to Tweeting! :P That’s a great shot of us queueing up. You stole from Pinny? haha!

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